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Online Doctor Consultation

Our Telemedicine services provide the access to specialists and super-specialists. Online consultations eliminate the need for in-person visits by allowing patients to consult with a general practitioner from the convenience of their homes. Medical professionals that can deliver specialized medical care remotely, such as cardiologists, dermatologists, or psychologists, may also conduct online consultations.

Online consultation with doctors

  • Telemedicine Platform: Clinicwala is a telemedicine platform that provides online doctor consultations. This platform often feature websites or mobile applications where patients may create accounts and arrange sessions online.

  • Register and Create a Patient Profile: Create a profile with, sign up as a patient and build a profile. You may be asked for basic information such as your name, age, medical history, and contact information.

  • Find a Suitable Doctor: Browse the list of available physicians and choose one who specialize in your medical condition or the kind of consultation you need.

  • Schedule an Appointment: Select a date and time that works for you and book an online consultation with the doctor of your choice.

  • Prepare for the Consultation: Gather any relevant medical records, test results, and information about your symptoms or concerns prior to the visit. During the online consultation, be prepared to share your medical history with the doctor.

  • Join the Virtual Appointment: Log in, at the time specified and join the virtual appointment. This platform use video conferencing for consultations, however we may also provide audio-only solutions.

  • Discuss Your Concerns: Communicate your symptoms, medical history, and any questions you have throughout the appointment. The doctor will ask pertinent questions in order to better understand your situation and give appropriate medical recommendations.

  • Follow the Doctor's Recommendations: Following the consultation, the doctor may offer a diagnosis, treatment plan, or other advice. Follow their advice and, if medicine is provided, make sure you understand the dosage and administration instructions.

  • Follow-Up and Continued Care: Schedule follow-up consultations or look for additional help through the telemedicine platform if needed.

  • Privacy and Security: To protect your personal health information, use a secure and private internet connection throughout the online consultation.

We take pride in providing highly trained doctors, each with their particular area of expertise. Our doctors are well-equipped to manage a wide range of medical needs, from neurology to gynaecology, urology to orthopaedics, and diabetology to pediatrics. Whether you need treatment for a specific condition or just want to make sure you're in excellent health, we have an expert who can help. Rest assured that all of our doctors are committed to remaining current on medical advances and offering personalized care to each patient. So, whatever your medical issue, we are convinced that we have a doctor who can assist you in achieving optimal health and well-being.