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Telemedicine provides the access to specialists and super-specialists who are located at different parts of the world. This is done through advance software application of Clinicwala having audio-visual facility and connected medical devices. It connects doctors and patients in one facility (in this case the Centre) with specialists and super-specialists in another facility. Telemedicine has the ability to improve patient outcomes by making care more accessible and timely. Online consultations with doctors, remote monitoring of health issues, and the use of mobile apps to manage medications and track symptoms are all examples of online telemedicine services.


In this techno-prone busy world, the Pathological test process needs consistent updating to cope with the present scenario. And here we are with the concept of I-Path laboratory. We incorporate futuristic vision and highest standard of operations. Clinicwala is equipped with state-of-art equipment and machines from reputed companies. Pathology is the branch of medicine that studies disease, including its causes, mechanisms, and effects on the body. Pathology is important in disease prevention and treatment because it allows healthcare providers to detect and treat illnesses more accurately and effectively.

Electronic Health Record

In EHR, all the health records of patients like vital parameters, prescriptions, test reports, complaints, personal and family history is maintained on our EHR platform. A Patient or his doctor can access his health records anytime at any place through our application. He just has to enter his mobile number then OTP is sent instantly to access complete health record. A digital version of a patient's medical record, an electronic health record (EHR), is used by healthcare providers to store and manage patient information. EHR have several advantages, including increased accuracy and accessibility of patient information, faster and more efficient sharing of patient data among health maintenance professionals, and ability to track patient outcomes over time.

Diet consultation

Our user-friendly automated diet consultation module gives important suggestion critical to health. Diet consultation is an important part of the treatment process and it is ignored frequently resulting in adverse effect on health. Diet consultation and planning involves collaborating with an experienced dietitian or nutritionist to develop a personalised meal plan that suits an individual's specific needs and goals. Specific supplements or nutritional interventions may be included in some diet plans to improve overall health and well-being.

Healthcare Referral Program

Healthcare Referral Program helps patients of smaller towns and villages to get appointment and get treatment at good hospitals of bigger towns. It also facilitates people to get prior appointment from good doctors. A healthcare referral program is a system that healthcare providers utilise to refer patients to other health professionals or agencies that provide expert care. Referral program for health maintenance can be an important strategy for improving patient outcomes since they help to guarantee that patients receive timely and appropriate care from trained healthcare professionals.

Software Tools for Doctors

Software tools for doctors are intended to assist healthcare providers in managing patient information and reducing administrative procedures. These tools may include electronic health record (EHR) systems, practice management software, medical billing software, and patient engagement platforms. Software solutions for doctor can assist improve patient outcomes, minimize administrative burdens, and increase overall care quality. Our highly efficient software tools with knowledgebase for doctors makes there work easier and also enables doctors to treat patients more effectively and at ease. More number of doctor getting connected with us to avail our services.