FAQs about Franchises: Everything You Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the first step towards becoming a Franchisee?

Ans. Anyone who is interested in becoming a franchisee can contact the Head - Franchise Business of Clinicwala directly by telephone at the Corporate Office or e-mail. He can also apply directly through this website or download the franchisee form and send it to postal address. On receiving the required information, the prospective franchisee will be required to fill and submit a detailed Franchise Application Form. A team from Clinicwala will then meet him and discuss the details of the business and will also assess the franchisee’s ability to run Clinicwala franchisee.

Q. How much would a 'CLINICWALA' Franchisee cost me?

Ans. We have flexible franchise models:

Clinicwala Centre: The initial setup cost would be around INR 2 to 5 Lakh for an area of around 500 sq ft. to 2000 sq ft., which can be increased on case to case basis. If you already have space or a shop then cost will reduce significantly.

Q. How long does it take to open 'CLINICWALA' Franchise?

Ans. After signing the formal agreement it normally takes 2 to 5 weeks to set and start the entire operations. It depends on readiness of the centre.

Q. When can I break even?

Ans. The break-even point varies from center to center as it depends on a variety of factors such as overheads, operating cost and business performance.

Q. Do I need a license to open a 'CLINICWALA' Franchise?

Ans. No, but you need to sign the formal legal agreement.

Q. Where are you selling franchises?

Ans. A PAN India approach has been taken.

Q. Do I need to currently be from a medical education background to be accepted as a Franchisee?

Ans. No prior experience in medical education is required. Prior experience in medical would be desirable but not mandatory. Our Franchise program is designed in such a manner that it assists a new franchisee in all the areas of operations.

Q. Do you provide any business aids?

Ans. Yes, we do. We start helping you from the setup phase. We will help you from designing the center, fit-outs, fixtures, production, staff recruitment, training to help you with day – to – day operations.

Q. How will advertising be handled?

Ans. Local advertisement and promotions shall be carried out with the support and inputs from the head office of ‘CLINICWALA’.

Q. What are the revenue streams in a clinic? And what is the overall profitability?

Ans. The Clinic will derive its income broadly from the following services:

Pathology, Telemedicine Consultation and Healthcare Referral Program. It is also expected a centre running successfully can easily make profit over 1 lakh per month. Sky is the limit for exceptional performers.

Q. What does Clinicwala charges as fees?

Ans. CLINICWALA charges an 'Initial License Fee' at the time of signing the Agreement. This license is valid for a period of three (3) years, the tenure of the License Agreement, which can be renewed further. As royalty fee, CLINICWALA may charge a percentage of the gross turnover of the clinic, which will be payable on a monthly basis. Initial License Fee and Operating License Fee may be revised at CLINICWALA's discretion.