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Telemedicine Health Services in India is a division of Medical Network Pvt. Ltd. It is a futuristic Healthcare Service Provider with facilities ranging from Pathology, Telemedicine, EHR (Electronic Health Record) maintenance, Healthcare Referral Program, Diet Consultation and Software Tools for doctors. We are further expanding our reach and scope of work.

At the core is our highly skilled team of medical professionals including physicians, medical technologists, medical technicians, highly qualified technocrats and other professionals who work in a synergy. We are dedicated to comprehensive, high- quality, rapid-response healthcare service provider at affordable prices.

Clinicwala is a trusted place for telemedicine information. We provide advice on how to use telemedicine in your practise, from online discussions to remote patient monitoring.

Telemedicine is the future of Healthcare. There is a significant increase in demand of contactless Telemedicine services after Covid outbreak. Our highly advance software and portable devices enable doctors at a distance to interact with the patients as if they are sitting across. People from small towns and villages can get treated with renowned doctors of big cities without spending time and money on travelling to the doctor’s clinic. Most of the Telemedicine service providers of the present times are just facilitating clients with just video conferencing whereas we give them feel close to physical interaction through our highly sophisticated technology.

We offer simple and accessible alternatives for patients, franchisees, and doctors to receive and give health maintenance services remotely. Patients and healthcare practitioners may communicate in real time and access information and services from anywhere with an internet connection by using web-based tools and mobile applications.

Telemedicine systems can provide a number of services, such as virtual consultations, remote monitoring, and electronic health record access. Telemedicine systems may enhance access to health maintenance, reduce wait times, and raise patient happiness by harnessing technology.

By allowing patients to schedule lab tests from the comfort of their own homes and providing home sample collection, we are providing a more convenient and accessible way for patients to receive healthcare services. Patient do not have to wait in a queue and increase the efficiency of the health maintenance system.