e-Clinic Offers For Franhcise

What Does Clinicwala Do For the Franchise?

The relationship between Clinicwala and the franchisee is modeled on best international franchising systems. As the franchisor, Clinicwala will provide all support for setting up and later running the centre.

The overall scale of operations will ensure that the franchisee enjoys excellent cost competitiveness - both during implementation stage and later during operations. Clinicwala, India's top e-clinic that provides online consultations, medications, and lab tests, making healthcare more accessible and convenient for everyone. Schedule your appointment today!

Given below is a brief description of Clinicwala's support services to be provided to be franchisee:

Site selection Do's & Dont's

This is first step of project development, and is the most crucial element of centre setup and utmost care should be exercised in choosing the right place for the centre. A set of Do's and Don'ts to be kept in mind while looking for a suitable site for the centre.

Architecture & Interior Design

CLINICWALA has comprehensive knowledge incorporating all possible design features to take care of all types of sites (of any size, shape, location, etc).

CLINICWALA's in-house design team prepares the layout plan for each centre.

Project Execution including Appointment of Contractor

Standardized construction (flooring)/ engineering (air conditioning, electrical, sanitary fixtures etc) materials are negotiated with leading suppliers/ manufacturers to get the most competitive pricing.

Project Financing

Based on a study of the local need-supply scenario,

CLINICWALA will assist in preparing a Project Report and also assist the franchisee in mobilizing financial resources (in the form of debt), where specifically requested by the franchisee.

Selection and Procurement of Medical Equipment

The franchisee is provided with the list of recommended medical equipment from CLINICWALA. These equipment have been selected after exhaustive negotiations with leading suppliers and have the best configuration and prices. The franchisee need not reinvent the procurement process. The equipment package includes adequate warranty and after sales service features.


Clinicwala diagnostics division will have a proper tie-up and system in place for intra-city and inter-city transportation.

Marketing and Sales Support

  • ● PR at the national level

  • ● Clinic launch guidelines

  • ● Advertising templates

  • ● Guidelines on direct mailer campaigns

  • ● Policies on inaugural promotion schemes

  • ● Marketing Manual covering an Institutional Marketing Plan, corporate proposals template, details of the products.

Selection and Training of Personnel

CLINICWALA has a highly structured system for selection and training of medical, para-medical and other administrative/support personnel in the centre. CLINICWALA is also directly involved in Screening of key positions at the centre, and a panel from Clinicwala is involved in conducting interviews for all key positions at the centre. A training session is conducted by the Clinicwala team, for the administrative and technical staff at the centre. Refresher training and upgrades are provided to the employees on a periodic basis.

Centre Management Software

CLINICWALA has an exclusive basis, Centre Management Software. This comprehensive software addresses all medical and non-medical functions of the centre. The software is implemented by CLINICWALA/IT partners, and the Centre staff will also be trained by CLINICWALA/IT partners.

Local sales support

CLINICWALA's marketing executives will train the franchisee's sales personnel in sales and promotion of the centre. They are actively involved in developing product and pricing strategy and also the pre-launch activities.

On-going Service Quality Training & Monitoring

CLINICWALA will carry out periodic medical and service quality audits of the centre function, which help in maintaining and improving service quality standards of the centre. This includes regular clinical and non-clinical audits, developing standard operating procedures and checklists, and assistance in implementing service quality. CLINICWALA also sets and monitors monthly revenue targets for the centre.

On an ongoing basis Clinicwala will provide support in the following areas:

  • ● Operations & Quality Audits

  • ● Employee Training

  • ● Technology Upgrades

  • ● Clinicwala provides rigorous support during operations, including service quality reviews, centre operations audit, and continuous training programs.