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Clinicwala.com is a division of Medical Network Pvt. Ltd. It is a futuristic Healthcare Service Provider with facilities ranging from Pathology, Telemedicine, EHR (Electronic Health Record) maintenance, Healthcare Referral Program, Diet Consultation and Software Tools for doctors. Additionally, our Dawaiwala Pharmacy offers a wide range of medicines and healthcare products, ensuring easy access to essential medications for our patients. Clinicwala, India's leading e-clinic franchise, provides a proven business model, thorough training, and continuing support to help you succeed in the growing digital health maintenance industry. We are further expanding our reach and scope of work.

In this techno-prone busy world, the Pathological test process needs consistent updating to cope with the present scenario. And here we are with the concept of I-Path laboratory. We incorporate futuristic vision and highest standard of operations. Clinicwala is equipped with state-of-art equipment and machines from reputed companies.

Telemedicine is the future of Healthcare. There is a significant increase in demand of contactless Telemedicine services after Covid outbreak. Our highly advance software and portable devices enable doctors at a distance to interact with the patients as if they are sitting across. People from small towns and villages can get treated with renowned doctors of big cities without spending time and money on travelling to the doctor’s clinic. Most of the Telemedicine service providers of the present times are just facilitating clients with video conferencing whereas we give them feel close to physical interaction through our highly sophisticated technology

Maintenance of EHR helps doctors to diagnose patients more effectively, reduce medical errors and provide safer care. It also saves money of the patients due to less requirement of unnecessary repetition of tests.

Healthcare Referral Program helps patients of smaller towns and villages to get appointment and get treatment at good hospitals of bigger towns. It also facilitates people to get prior appointment from good doctors.

Our highly efficient software tools with knowledgebase for doctors makes doctors work easier and also enables to treat patients more effectively. It attracts doctors towards our platform resulting in more patient inflow, thus increasing business for the franchisee.

At the core is our highly skilled team of medical professionals including physicians, medical technologists, medical technicians, highly qualified technocrats and other professionals who work in a synergy. We are dedicated to comprehensive, high- quality, rapid-response healthcare service provider at affordable prices.

We would like to invite partners and prospective business owners looking to venture into the Health maintenance industry to come to grow with us.

Our user-friendly automated diet consultation module gives important suggestion critical to health.

Healthcare – an Expanding Business

With an increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases (approx. 35 percent of the total diseases), a growing geriatric and pediatric population and consciousness towards health, there is huge demand for specialty care. The present demand for quality in healthcare services is accelerated by market forces such as medical awareness, insurance, corporate sectors and government intervention. As a result of this, there is a growing demand of better health maintenance services from the Public. The growth in various sectors in India has led to a more demanding consumer, whose awareness levels have risen significantly in the last few years. The consumers now have greater expectations and demands regarding the quality of health maintenance.

Diagnostics a Growing Trend

6000 crores

At INR 6000 crores, diagnostic services account for approximately 3.70% of the healthcare market.

There exists a tremendous opportunity in the healthcare industry. Following factors are fuelling this growth:

  • ● The medical industry in India is just 5% of the GDP. In United States, where this figure stands as high as 17%. In fact, healthcare is one of the largest industry in USA.

  • ● A study conducted by a leading global consulting firm indicates that in India, on an average, 11% of the annual household income is spent on medical expenses. People believe that this figure is likely to go up.

  • ● Further, the same study indicates that close to 68% of the healthcare spending is on the regular day to day health maintenance needs alone.

  • ● The medical industry in India is expected to cross Rs.10000 Crores in the next three years.

  • ● Growing consumerism and awareness will further enhance the growth.