Clinicwala aims to improve gym-goers' health and well-being by providing comprehensive medical treatment, fitness education, and injury prevention programmes. Routine health screenings, fitness assessments, personal training, sports medicine, physical therapy, and dietary counseling are examples of gym healthcare services.

Healthcare service providers for Gym are experts who give health and wellness services to people who exercise regularly in gyms or fitness centres. Clinicwala offers a variety of services aimed at assisting individuals in reaching their fitness and health goals while minimizing the risk of injury or disease.

Clinicwala collaborates closely with gym employees to offer a safe and supportive environment for clients to exercise and improve their health. We offer personalized assessments, customized workout plans, nutritional counseling, injury prevention and rehabilitation services, and progress monitoring to ensure that individuals achieve their goals safely and successfully.

Our Objective

Objectives may vary depending on individual preferences and goals but Clinicwala has many objectives for gym goers.

  • Clinicwala is a healthcare provider dedicated to supporting gym-goers in their pursuit of optimal health and well-being. With a strong focus on preventive care, our main goal is to empower individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimise potential health risks.

  • One of Clinicwala's key objectives is to provide comprehensive guidance and support to gym enthusiasts, ensuring they have the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively. By offering personalized advice and expert recommendations, Clinicwala aims to assist individuals in crafting workout routines that are tailored to their unique needs and capabilities. Whether it's weight loss, muscle building, or overall fitness improvement, Clinicwala's team of professionals is committed to helping gym-goers maximise their potential.

  • In addition to exercise guidance, Clinicwala emphasises the importance of a healthy diet in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Recognizing that proper nutrition is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, they offer valuable insights and recommendations for adopting a balanced and nutritious eating plan. By educating gym-goers about the significance of wholesome food choices, portion control, and mindful eating, Clinicwala strives to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their dietary habits, thereby enhancing their overall fitness outcomes.

  • Clinicwala's dedication to health and wellness extends beyond mere fitness routines and diet plans. They firmly believe in the power of preventive care, understanding that proactive measures can often be the key to long-term health. Through regular health assessments, early detection of potential risks, and proactive interventions, Clinicwala aims to equip gym-goers with the necessary tools to identify and address any health concerns promptly. By focusing on prevention, they aspire to create a supportive environment that fosters sustained well-being and longevity.

Health Screening Provided by Clinicwala

Clinicwala offers a comprehensive range of health measurement parameters specifically designed to cater to the needs of gym enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. These cutting-edge devices provide invaluable insights into various aspects of an individual's health, helping to analyze and monitor their overall well-being.

With Clinicwala's state-of-the-art equipment, gym lovers can easily track and assess key health indicators. These parameters include:

  • Body composition analysis: Clinicwala's body analyzer precisely measures essential metrics such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, and hydration levels. These measurements offer a holistic understanding of an individual's body composition, allowing gym enthusiasts to tailor their fitness routines and achieve optimal results.

  • Blood pressure monitoring: The blood pressure monitor provided by Clinicwala ensures accurate and convenient measurement of blood pressure. By regularly tracking blood pressure readings, gym lovers can monitor their cardiovascular health and make informed decisions about their exercise regimen and overall lifestyle.

  • Temperature monitoring: Clinicwala's temperature monitor enables users to keep a close eye on their body temperature. This helps detect any potential fever or abnormalities, allowing for early intervention and appropriate adjustments to their workout routine if necessary.

  • Blood sugar monitoring: For individuals with diabetes or those keen on monitoring their blood sugar levels, Clinicwala offers a reliable and user-friendly blood sugar monitor. This device empowers gym lovers to manage their glucose levels effectively, ensuring safe and optimized workouts.

  • SPo2 monitoring: Clinicwala's SPo2 monitor measures peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, providing valuable information about oxygen levels in the blood. By keeping track of SPo2 readings during workouts, individuals can ensure sufficient oxygen supply to their muscles, optimizing performance and preventing overexertion.

  • ECG monitoring: With Clinicwala's advanced ECG monitor, gym lovers can assess their heart's electrical activity. This non-invasive device detects irregular heart rhythms and assists in the early identification of potential cardiac issues, enabling individuals to exercise safely and with confidence.

Problems faced by gym goers:

Gym lovers may encounter various diseases, injuries, or problems while engaging in their fitness routines. Some common issues faced by gym enthusiasts include:

  • Overexertion: Pushing too hard can cause tiredness, dehydration, and even fainting.

  • Muscle Sorenes: Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a frequent ailment that causes discomfort after strenuous workouts.

  • Injuries: Gym-goers may sustain strains, sprains, or joint pain as a result of poor technique or overtraining.

  • Dehydration: A lack of fluid intake during workouts can lead to dehydration and decreased performance.

  • Nutrition: It can be difficult to maintain a balanced diet and know what to consume before and after workouts.

  • Supplements: Some individuals may misuse supplements or have adverse reactions to them.

  • Hygiene: It is critical to maintain hygiene in communal gym facilities in order to prevent the transmission of illnesses.

  • Stress and Mental Health: Balancing physical obligations with daily living can lead to stress and mental health difficulties.

  • Weight Management: Struggles with weight reduction or gain objectives can have an impact on overall health.

  • Pre-Existing Heart Conditions: Individuals with pre-existing heart issues should exercise with caution and may require medical supervision.

Clinicwala Provide Better Solutions

Clinicwala provides a range of solutions to address the problems faced by gym lovers through its network of expert healthcare professionals. Here are some potential solutions offered by Clinicwala:

  • Expert Consultations: Clinicwala allows gym enthusiasts to book appointments with various specialists, including cardiologists, pulmonologists, dietitians, and dermatologists. These consultations enable individuals to receive personalized advice, guidance, and treatment plans tailored to their specific needs and concerns.

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Clinicwala's healthcare professionals can provide guidance on proper exercise form, technique, and suitable workout routines to help prevent musculoskeletal injuries. In case of injury, they can offer rehabilitation programs and recommendations for physical therapy or chiropractic care to aid recovery.

  • Cardiovascular Health Management: Clinicwala's cardiologists can assess and monitor individuals' cardiovascular health, providing guidance on exercise intensity, heart rate monitoring, and appropriate exercise modifications for those with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions.

  • Respiratory Health Support: Pulmonologists associated with Clinicwala can provide evaluations, guidance, and treatment plans for individuals with respiratory concerns related to gym workouts. They can offer strategies to manage respiratory conditions and minimize the risk of complications during exercise.

  • Nutrition and Diet Counseling: Clinicwala's dietitians can offer personalized nutrition advice, including guidance on maintaining a balanced diet, managing weight, and addressing dietary challenges faced by gym lovers. They can help individuals develop healthy eating habits to support their fitness goals and overall well-being.

  • Dermatological Care: Clinicwala's dermatologists can address skin infections or conditions that may arise due to gym environments. They can provide appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and preventive measures to ensure optimal skin health.


Vitality Vital

  • Routine Checkup
  • Health Monitoring
  • EHR
  • Free Family EHR

Wellness Health

  • Routine Checkup
  • Health Monitoring
  • EHR
  • Diet Consultation
  • Blood test (CBC, Calcium, Urine Profile) - 46 Tests Included
  • Free Family EHR

Optimal Health

  • Routine Checkup
  • Health Monitoring
  • EHR
  • Diet Consultation
  • Blood test (CBC, Calcium, TSH, Blood Glucose, Urine Profile) - 49 Tests Included
  • Free Family EHR

Diagnostic Health

  • Regular Health Checkup
  • Health Monitoring
  • EHR
  • Diet Consultation
  • Blood test (CBC, Calcium, Thyroid Profile, LFT, KFT Vitamin D-B12, ESR, Creatinine Serum (check for kidneys), Cholesterol (for heart), Urine Profile) - 69 Tests Included
  • Free Family EHR

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