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Homeopathy : Shingles

There are many effective homeopathic remedies for the symptoms of shingles, including:

Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus tox) is useful when blisters emerge that are not only painful but very itchy, and warmth brings relief. The pain is worse at night and less noticeable when moving about.

Arsenicum album is indicated for shingles with red, burning lesions that are relieved by warmth and are worse at night, causing great restless anxiety.

Mezereum is indicated if there is severe pain, if the skin burns and itches and forms brown scabs, or if the is person middle-aged or elderly. Lasting neuralgic pains that shoot along the nerve after the skin has healed are often helped by this remedy.

Ranunculus is useful if there are nerve pains and itching, or the slightest touch, movement or eating makes the symptoms worse.

Lachesis is prescribed if the left side of the body is affected, plus some swelling, which is aggravated by wan-nth but is relieved by cold.

Apis is used when the swelling and stinging pains predominate, improve with cold and become aggravated by heat.

The best homeopathic remedy for shingles is Ranunculus bulbosus, especially when the shingles are on the trunk of the body. It is indicated for severe burning and itching, which gets worse from touching the skin, moving about or eating. Take a 6C dose up to four times a day as needed for pain. Improvement may be noticed within a couple of days. If not, see your medical doctor or homeopath.

Other remedies that may be useful: Sepia, Natrum mur, Hepar sulph., Caladium, acidum nit.