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Introduction to Homeopathy Alternative Cure

Homeopathy : Depression

If you are experiencing a transient episode of depression, homeopathic remedies can be useful in alleviating the blues. These remedies are prescribed based on the similarity of their characteristics to those symptoms that you are experiencing. Treatment will be constitutional, and there might be dietary advice as well as changes in lifestyle.

Take the 6c strength three times daily for up to fourteen days. Specific remedies which may be useful include:

Ignatia is often prescribed for depression caused by grief, with wildly fluctuating moods and inappropriate behavior such as bursting into tears or laughing for no reason.

Pulsatilla is recommended for depression caused by hormonal changes. The person bursts into tears at the slightest provocation, wanting a lot of reassurance and attention.

Sepia is useful if you feel depressed and irritable, dragged down by responsibilities and worries.
Arsenicum if the person is restless, chilly, exhausted, obsessively neat and tidy.

Aurum if the person feels totally worthless, suicidal and disgusted with himself or herself.

If you are experiencing a moderate to severe depressive episode, you should visit a trained homeopath rather than try to treat yourself. We recommend that you use homeopathy as a complement to other treatments, such as psychotherapy and conventional medication.

Kali phos helps nervous depression from grief and worry. It is the principal tissue salt for the nerves and should be used alternately with other remedies.

Nat mur is indicated for depressed spirits and feelings of hopelessness. This sadness is typically accompanied by headaches and constipation.

Nat sulph relieves depression following an injury to the head.

Calc phos helps with wandering thoughts and poor concentration.