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Eye Care : Tips on eye care

Natural Mascara Vaseline as Mascara

Putting a light dab of vaseline on your eyelashes makes them look like you put mascara.

Plucking Eye Lashes Reducing swelling and redness

After plucking it is helpful to reduce all the swelling and redness by placing an ice cube where you plucked.

Curly Eye Lashes Long Lasting Curly Eyelashes

To have long lasting curly eyelashes apply heat to eyelash curler for about 30 sec. with hairdryer and curl lashes.

Darker Lashes Baby oil For Your Lashes

Applying baby oil to darken your lashes if you don't have mascara on hand.

Removing Eye Make-up Removing Eye Make-up

Use baby shampoo to remove eye make-up

Longer Staying Eyeliner How to keep your eyeliner on longer

To help eyeliner stay fresh, brush over with eyeshadow.

Thickening Mascara How to thicken Mascara

Leave runny mascara open all night so it wont run when used in the morning.

Tea Bags for Reducing Dark Circles Reducing Dark Circles

To reduce the dark circles that sometimes appear under eyes,put teabags over your eyes.

Fuller Lashes How to get Fuller Lashes

If you wash out an old mascara brush and use it with Petroleum Jelly during the day it gives your lashes a fuller look.

Reducing Puffiness with Spoons Reducing puffiness

Put 2 spoons in the freezer for about 5 minutes, then put them on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Eyeshadow Tip Longer Staying Eyeshadow

Always apply base and powder over your eyelids, as this makes eyeshadow stays on all day.

Reducing Puffiness How to reduce puffiness around the eyes

To reduce puffiness around the eyes, try using a little Preperation H. Be careful not to get it in yur eyes.

Reducing puffy eyes Aztec Mystery Eye Treatment

Nobody really knows WHY this is so effective on under-eye puffiness, but it IS. The procedure is very simple: peel an avocado, remove the pit, and slice a half into quarter-inch crescents. Lie down, secure a few slices under each eye, and rest for about 20 minutes. The result is corrective magic.

Close Set Eyes Size of your frames

If you think that your eyes are close, do not wear glasses with large frames as this will make your eyes seem even closer.

Runny Mascara Renewing Mascara

To bring runny mascara to a desired texture, leave it open over night. This will harden the mascara and stop it from running.

Keep Hairs In Place Eyebrow Control

Hair spray, clear mascara and hair/mustache wax can be used on eyebrows to keep hairs in place.

Eyebrow Color Test Brow Color

Before bleaching or coloring eyebrows, apply colored mascara to eyebrows to test the shade

Changing Eye Shadow Color Eye Shadow

To lighten the color of creme eye shadows, creme blush and lipstick, mix with concealer before applying.

Mascara Use Mascara Tip

Replace your mascara every three months to avoid bacteria as well as unsightly clumping on eyelashes.

Fuller Eyes Eye makeup

When using an eye liner for the bottom eye lid, only apply the liner half way across (that is, from the inside, half way out). This allows your eyes to look fuller, and the makeup more natural.

Best Way to Apply Mascara Mascara application

When applying mascara, always have a wet cotton ball handy, to wipe away any smudging before they dry up.