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Acupuncture : How the imbalance of the elements affect us?

How the Five Elements are Manifested
Internally and Externally?

Wood Growing, flourishing, rooted yet pushing upward Striving, controlling, flexible strength, self-assured
Earth Productive, fertile Solid, stable, reliable, tenacious, grounded
Metal Hard, structured, symmetric Organized, substantial, strong, durable
Fire Dry, hot, ascending Dynamic, sparkling, enthusiastic
Water Wet, cool, descending Flowing, adaptable, pliant


Too low fire - not warming the earth Heart (fire) unable to warm spleen (earth) Dislike of cold, cold in extremities, early morning diarrhea, urinary symptoms, edema, distended abdomen, fatigue, weakness
Too low metal - metal not producing water Lungs (metal) not sending water to kidney Shortness of breath, thirst, weak knees, lower back pain, scanty dark urine.
Too much wood - Wood overpowers the earth Liver (wood) qi dominates spleen (earth) Headache, sore eyes, gas, poor appetite, weakness, pain in flanks, vertigo, chest distress
Too much metal - Fire cannot control metal Heart (fire) yang cannot control lung (metal) fluids Frequent urination, shortness of breath, palpitation, insomnia